Control 4



Life’s better when everything works together.

We have been installing automatic gates and home automation for over 20 years and installing Control4 as our preferred system. Control4 Smart Home operating system (OS) connects with tens of thousands of third-party consumer devices—connecting your favourite brands and devices together via the Control4 platform to empower you with complete home control via one easy-to-use smart home app.

With a Control4 Smart Home, You Get:

A centralized smart home operating system

Choice from brands
you trust

Customized smart home design and control


Concierge-level ongoing technology support


Control4 connects seamlessly to your automatic gates, giving complete control. Know when your gates are open or closed from any touch screen. Create automations that turn the driveway lights on if it’s dark when you open the gates. Have a night time command that checks all garage doors and gates and closes them if they have been left open. The possibilities are endless.


When you connect your TVs, speakers, and other entertainment devices to your Control4 home automation system, you can create an experience that takes your breath away. From a single speaker to an entire home theater system, get the entertainment setup you want with all of your favorite devices working together.


Creating a comfortable space is simple when all your smart devices are working together. From temperature control to shading, Control4 enables you to sit back and enjoy a comfortable and inviting home that delivers energy-efficient climate control.


Smart lighting goes far beyond beautiful switches and dimmable bulbs. Smart lighting works with most lighting already in the home—connecting it to the Smart Home OS through a programmable smart switch. It provides energy efficiency, added safety and security, and multiple custom lighting scenes, and it can control more than just your lights. 


Control4 offers an elegant line of smart lighting products for your entire home. You can even start with one room and add more smart lighting over time to your existing system—the choice is yours.


With Control4 and your favorite voice control devices connected together, you can tell your house what to do and it listens—whether it’s turning off all lights when it’s bedtime, setting the perfect mood for dinner, or asking for a helping hand when yours are full.


Having a smart appliance is great, but having a smart appliance connected into a Control4 system is even smarter. With Control4, you can connect devices such as your smart coffee maker, stove, refrigerator, washing machine, pool controls, and more to give you better access and control of your home.
Control4 offers an elegant line of smart lighting products for your entire home. You can even start with one room and add more smart lighting over time to your existing system – the choice is yours.


Control4 works with your most trusted security brands, protecting you without compromise. Stay connected to your home anywhere in the world with real-time home notifications, live security camera footage, doorbell alerts, mobile app home access and control, and more.